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The only H&R Block franchise in San Antonio, TX

After many months of conversations, Alfa Tax Service has partnered with H&R Block to become the only franchisee owned H&R Block office in San Antonio, TX.

Alfa Tax Service has been serving the Northwest Side of San Antonio, TX. for over 7 years. In that time, it has built a solid foundation built on taking care of it's clients as individuals vs. numbers. The goal has been to file correct returns at all times and assist clients with navigating through tax laws and how to apply them in accordance with IRS.

By partnering with H&R Block, Alfa Tax Service will be adding a layer of protection from the every growing cyber threat of Identity theft without changing the service its clients have become accustomed to receiving. In the past couple of years, the IRS has been hacked and now there have been warnings issued to tax offices that they are being targeted as well. By adding another layer of protection, Alfa Tax Service shows it's dedication toward it's clients and protecting their data.

Alfa Tax Service provides tax preparation for Individuals and Businesses, Bookkeeping/ Payroll and Business/ Tax Consultation.

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