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2024 Tax Season

A small percentage of my clients do not return the following year. At the start of tax season, priority is given to existing clients and then we open it up to those on the list. Reserve Your Spot!

Pricing Transparency

Repeat clients should expect to see about an 18% increase in price compared to prior year. Service included in preparation: basic tax planning, ID protection, audit protection, IRS Notices and cloud security.   

Base price (1040 and basic tax planning)

Itemizing (Schedule A) Add On

Rental Property (Schedule E) Add On

Business (Schedule C) Add On

Investment (Schedule D) Add On

Required Forms

Credits (Child Tax, EITC, EV etc)

Corporate Returns (1065/ 1120S/ 1120)

... $295

... $65

... $95

... $195

... $50

... $15

... start at $55

... start at $925

What to Provide

To initiate our service, we require completed Intake Forms, your tax documents and summaries along with a retainer of 50% of the expected fees.  *The retainer is applied to your final balance. 

Where to send it

When you are ready you may either drop off at our physical office or upload files into the client portal. 

Office: 9355 Bandera Rd, Ste 108  San Antonio TX 78250


Client Portal: Here

* If you do not remember your password you may reset it or call our office for assistance. (210) 523-1040

Reserve Your Spot
What Services Will You Need?

Thanks for reserving your Spot.

How to Pay

We have several ways to pay; Credit Card, ACH (electronic check) and we are adding After Pay (installments). We still have Refund Transfers, where the payment is taken from the refund. 

An Invoice will be sent with a payment link when needed. 

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